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Three ways to reduce your CPA

Pause weak keywords

Pause weak keywords

Don't get attached to high cost keywords, hoping that tomorrow will be better. 

Invest in an external audit

Invest in an external audit

Highlight major opportunities for improvement with an objective assessment.
Leverage remarketing

Leverage remarketing

An opportunity that's missed by many. Sieze the chance to bring people back.

Reducing your CPA

Getting more for your money

Cutting the cost of customer acquisition makes you more competitive. But making a real difference to your CPA involves more than a few hacks. Getting customers for less takes time and here is how we do it.

Steps to a profitable Google Ads campaign - Sprida

1.your Google Ads Goals

You want customers for less, but how? The steps to a profitable Google Ads campaign are:

  • Targeting your ideal customers
  • Getting to them at the time
  • Persuading them to buy
We challenge you to get really precise about your current approach.
Assessing your Google Ads with an audit - Sprida

2.Detailed Google Ads audit

Your success starts by building on what has already performed well. We assess:

  • The keywords you're targeting
  • The audience you're attracting
  • The customers who convert

Our comprehensive assessment enables us to compose a clear plan forward.
Analysing your competitors marketing - Sprida

3. Competitor analysis

Using leading industry tools, we:

  • Detect where your competitors focus
  • Discover their market share
  • Determine what's working for others
This exposes missed opportunities in your market.
Planning a Google Ads strategy - Sprida

4.Your Google Ads Strategy

Constructing a clear, actionable plan enables your business to have direction. Our detailed strategy identifies:

  • Steps for a profiable campaign
  • New keyword opportunites
  • Recommended bidding strategies
  • 12 month action plan
  • Key performance indicators
All this reduces your CPA. And boosts profitabilty.
Activating Google Ads strategy plan - Sprida

5. Implementing your strategy

We activate the plan, which includes:
  • Restructuring Google Ads setup
  • Strategically adjusting bids
  • Adding new audiences
The result is new customers for a lower cost. With a significant reduction in CPA.
Assessing the improvement of your CPA - Sprida

6. Monitoring the outcomes

Google Ads run in a dynamic environment, demanding constant refinement. This includes:
  • Checking key data points
  • Assessing implication of results
  • Amending as appropriate
The goal is continuous improvement, bringing your costs down.
See the results of your campaign - Sprida

7. The missing link in CPA

Get ultimate campaign profitability by optimising the lifetime value of your customer. Unlock this by:

  • Drawing customers back with display remarketing
  • Building trust with customers, so they spend more
  • Entice customers to become your brand ambassadors

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Case studies

How we've done it for others

Sales over time graph for case study

eCommerce Industry
Increased sales

Achieved over 180% revenue growth in three months, predominantly through PPC, while keeping cost down.
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Campaigns for Improved ROI case study - Sprida

B2C Industry
Slashed CPA

Improved ROI by cutting CPA from $58.89 to $29.42 in just 30 days, increasing the client's bottom line.
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Frequently asked questions

What is CPA in Google Adwords?
In summary - it stands for Cost Per Action, and is often referred to as Cost Per Acquisition.

In detail - If used correctly, this allows you to make better decisions. That's because it's capturing the cost associated with a specific action. Typically it represents your cost per sale.
How can Sprida reduce my Google Ads CPA?
In summary - by assessing your current activity and devising an improved strategy.

In detail - we have a seven step process that starts with understanding your goals and includes an audit and competitor analysis. From this we develop and deliver a strategy, monitor results and bring continuos improvements.

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