How others create engagement on LinkedIn

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If you want to make new business contacts, get noticed as a specialist in your field and attract new leads, you should be on LinkedIn. And you should be engaging in, and initiating, conversations. 


 How to get noticed as a specialist in your field on LinkedIn

I appreciate this is easier said than done. In my experience, many people are a little wary of posting on LinkedIn because they're nervous of saying the 'wrong' thing. It has a reputation as being a more professional network than, say, Twitter or Facebook, provoking more caution than is necessary.

I encourage you to become more active in your LinkedIn engagement, and I want to share with you some tips on how to do that. Not in my own words, but in the words of some other LinkedIn users.


Have a strategy for LinkedIn engagement​

Here's the post that inspired me to put together this blog post. It's from LA-based Roger Wilkerson.

I like this because it's presented as an easy-to-follow list:

Roger Wilkerson's LinkedIn post:

Do you have a strategy for engagement?

Here's mine.

  1. I try to do most of my engagement via the phone during down times throughout the day.

  2. My main priority is to engage back with anyone that has taken the time to comment on either my post or the Bobby The Bear business page.

  3. The main focus of my engagement is "encouragement" and that's why they tend to be short. I want the person to know that I enjoyed their content. Never underestimate the pat on the back. This also allows me to engage with more people rather than less.

  4. If something requires a deeper response then I'll usually get to that on the desktop.

  5. I consider a post successful if I meet one new person. After all, LinkedIn is about getting to meet new people.

  6. Sometimes the people I engage with end up being friends or clients. Then I'll usually communicate with them outside of LinkedIn. I do hope in the future that LinkedIn adds better communication tools.

  7. I don't tolerate abuse of any kind. If I see it on my page or the page of #6, I immediately remove that person as a connection. No need for toxicity.

Access Roger's post here:


Roger Wilkerson on Linked In


Avoid the Happy Monday syndrome

I like this one from UK-based Nigel Cliffe, because when I go into LinkedIn, I want to see meaty content that informs and inspires me. He's also making use of hashtags.

Nigel Cliffe's LinkedIn post:

Are you on LinkedIn to generate new business?

I have an important thought to share with you...

I see so many people share, like or comment on matters that don't relate to their interests.

"Have a Happy Monday" doesn't cut it for me!

I figure the LinkedIn algorithms learn what interests me, what industries I work in, what my topics of interest are, what skills I have, the type of people I communicate with.

It learns from what I do.

Being consistent then, around these topics, is a key part of my success strategy. It means my whole LinkedIn experience improves and delivers a better outcome.

I started to map this journey, and it turned out quite simple really!

#Linkedin #strategy for #success = #relevant #content
Access Nigel's post here:


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Short and to the point​...

Justin Rowe of Louisville shared his simple formula for boosting your LinkedIn reach - that is, getting more people to see your posts. Try it for yourself.

Justin Rowe's LinkedIn post:

Make a LinkedIn post and then engage on 10 other people's posts.

That's the best way to 10x your reach.

#business #marketing #linkedin #entrepreneurship
Access Justin's post here:

Here's another engagement strategy overview, from Nico de Bruyn of Phoenix. What's particularly useful is his approach to using hashtags.

Nico de Bruyn's LinkedIn post:

I have had a few posts "trending" and have had some questions about my strategy!

30,000 foot view is to build a community, provide value and invest in relationships!

But for #'s my philosophy is 2 mainstream ones (#marketing, #branding) and 2 niche (#nicomoves, #hashtag)
Access Nico's post here:

What time of day should I post?' is a common question. While Orlando Javien Jr is sharing his experience of video posts, his observation about timing is interesting. His post is also a good example of how to start a conversation by sharing an observation then asking for feedback.

He's also tagged a few of his contacts, drawing their attention to the post. A number of them responded with comments.

Orlando Javien Jr LinkedIn post:

When is the best time to post #video content on #Linkedin? I saw a huge increase in engagement when I posted late in the evening.

Wondering if its a fluke or not.

This is a shout out to Linkedin creators out there - Shay ☀️ Rowbottom String Nguyen Amy Perkins Rob Balasabas Jason Vana Zack Scriven Melanie Ruelas Melvyn Tan Mary Brandt, M.A.

Your wisdom is greatly appreciated!

#linkedinfam #brandstrategy #linkedinvideo
#entrepreneurs #Motivation #inspiration #strategy
Access Orlando's post here:


Orlando's Linked In page


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