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Unlocking the right marketing for you

Your business success depends on attracting the right customers, building trust with content and converting interest to sales. We help you find the best way to get results profitably, using the right channels.
Goal Discovery - what do you want for your business

1. Goal discovery is the first step

You know what you want but you don't know how to get there. You want:

  • Digital marketing that works 
  • Progress measured in profits 
  • Less money being wasted  

We challenge you to get specific about what you want for your business.

Benchmarking your status - assessing current data

2. We benchmark your status

Your future starts by building on what you have today. We assess in detail:

  • Your current digital footprint
  • The quality of your data
  • Outcomes of actions so far
This gives us a clear foundation to work from.
Market research - Your customers and competitors

3. Comprehensive Market Research

Learning what works means understanding your market in detail:

  • Your customers
  • Your competitors
  • Current trends
This helps us to determine what marketing may give you that competitive edge.
Marketing strategy - identifying what will work

4. Your marketing strategy

This is where we identify:

  • What channels will work
  • Steps to take over 12 months
  • KPIs to track 
  • Investment required 
  • Typical headaches and how to overcome them

A plan that's thorough, comprehensive and actionable.

Marketing plan in action - seeing the results

5. Your marketing plan in action

Having established what will work, we begin making it happen. So you:
  • Attract new customers
  • Build trust with content
  • See more sales

This is where you start to see results.

Measuring the results - improving results

6. Measuring the results

There are always new opportunities to explore. We monitor the stats to:

  • Discover what's working
  • Identify the best outcomes
  • Reach more customers
Understanding the numbers is essential to discovering the most effective marketing channels.
Customer Value - keep them coming back

7. Customer lifetime value

Our strategy is to draw in new customers, then to keep them coming back for more. This means using digital channels to:

  • Build engagement with customers
  • Nurture further sales
  • Increase value from your marketing budget

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Results case studies

How we've done it for others

Sales over time graph for case study

eCommerce Industry
With Google Ads for search

Achieved over 180% revenue growth in three months through SEO and PPC advertising.
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Lead generation case study - Sprida

Fitness Industry
With Facebook Ads

Identified Facebook as the best route to connecting with potential new customers.
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Campaigns for Improved ROI case study - Sprida

eCommerce Industry
With organic social media

From never selling online to £10k revenue in just six weeks, with Facebook organic reach.
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Tips for getting results

Invest in marketing that actually works

1. Learn from what already delivers

Examine your marketing you know to be effective. Learn from how it reaches people and how it draws them to become customers. This is a great foundation to build on.

2. Give it the time and money

Give your marketing channels the time and budget they need to succeed. If you keep changing your approach, don't be surprised it doesn't work. Be consistent.

3. Listen to your customers

Your existing customers present a massive market research opportunity. Listen and learn from their experiences of how they buy from you, and from others.

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Frequently asked questions

How will Sprida find the right marketing for me?

In summary - we combine our experience with market research to determine what channels will work best for you.

More detail - it's easy to say 'we think this channel is best for you'. We prefer to say 'we KNOW this channel is best for you', because we've studied all the options and are confident in our choice. 

Should I advertise on Facebook or Google?
In summary - advertising on both Facebook and Google can be extremely effective.

More detail - advertise on Google when you want to target people actively searching for your product.

That's different from advertising on Facebok, where you target certain groups of people and then interrupt their browsing with ads that appeal to them.

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